Ekalavya Hansaj talks about his early days of struggles and lessons learned from it

Our editor Matthew was on a trip to San Francisco. He met with Ekalavya Hansaj; the founder and CEO of world’s leading marketing and advertising firm, Quarterly Global. 

Matthew spoke in about the early struggles of Ekalavya Hansaj, his lessons from it. This interview is an excerpt of the discussion that took place between Ekalavya Hansaj and Matthew. 

Here is the interview in detail:

Can you recall your early days of struggle and what did you learn from it?

As I recall, I have worked continuously for 20 hours at stretch with some power naps in between. I learnt the ropes of sales, marketing and advertising by trying, failing and trying again. In fact, I was fortunate enough to onboard esteem clients. Though working for them effectively was physically and mentally very demanding, yet it had its own kick. I also had to manage the operations round the clock, leaving me with no time to do further business development. Eventually, getting folks who are least of employees and most of family focused team builders led to our unparalleled growth in the industry.

During the journey I learned two things:

1. Ideas are great, but only implementation of those ideas brings results.

2. Resilience pays.

How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

Quarterly Global and I have been around for a while but we are still not one of the oldest players in the global market. Thankfully we are currently on the verge to become one of the highest growing advertising and marketing firm in the world – as a result the company I had the opportunity to work with a diverse set of clientele from over 15 countries including most of the industry’s leading corporations (Fortune 500s), Hollywood Actors, monetization entities, Investors, Universities and others in the ecosystem. 

This exposure of working with such diverse and industry leading clientele has given me unique perspective of industry best practices as well as in-depth understanding of actual needs of the customers. Quarterly Global; the company, accordingly, has gathered an industry leading team along with best processes/ protocols. 

Further, working with so many customers on hundreds of projects every year, Ekalavya Hansaj and Quarterly Global has created a huge repository of manually analyzed data of patents across the marketing and advertising functions. With advent of computing power and ML/ AI tools, Quarterly Global utilized this data to develop best-in-class analytics tools (to support its people and deliver better results) that are not available with competitors.

We also pride ourselves in providing unique offerings to our customers which include:

  • Local support and premium delivery
  • All marketing and advertising services and technologies under one roof

A workforce which doesn’t compromise on work quality

What types of risk do you feel are necessary as a leader?

I would like to highlight certain necessary risks that leaders across domains must undertake. These include:

1. Not stopping because of the fear of failure

2. Being open to new ideas, evaluating them and taking actions on them (Not just sitting passive after having great ideas) even if it means facing failure or charting unknown territories.

In my opinion, an optimized effort and cost should be invested on testing each idea and upon the success of each trial more should be invested in scaling because speed is a crucial factor in today’s market

What are the top industry breakthroughs that one must look for in 2020?

According to my knowledge, the top three industry breakthroughs that one must look for in the IP based marketing advertising industry in 2020 are:

  1. More standardized ways to monetize (sell and license) will be available. This will increase the number of advertising and marketing transactions in the market. As tradability of advertising increases, the value of owning an advertising agency will also increase.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not mainstream in consumer research and analytics yet – and it will take years for it to become usable in the mainstream. However, as per the current trends – the adoption of AI in consumer research & analytics will increase.
  3. More and more companies will start utilizing combined solutions with AI and manual research.